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IRSA builds on traditional Single Transferable Vote methods to provide:
  • Satisfactory representation for everyone
  • Majority rule
  • Well-defined constituencies
  • Minimal ballot slicing
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IRSA builds upon Warren's version of the Single Transferable Vote method, which has many of the advantages of Meek's method, while keeping to a minimum the number of times a ballot is split between candidates. IRSA differs by preventing surpluses from ending up in the "exhausted" pile, resulting in higher winning thresholds and more votes counting for winners than Meek or Warren. IRSA ensures that all losers are eliminated, so that all votes are assigned to a winner, to the extent possible. It optionally performs surplus transfers once all winners are determined so that they have a more equal mandate. IRSA avoids the use of fractional votes and quotas, as well as rounding errors, by giving each voter a specific number of votes. The combined features make IRSA plausible to count by hand. Read the IRSA specification and arguments for it, or a slideshow featuring IRSA.

Favorite California Parks and Natural Areas
(Rank the candidates you support!)
4 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Redwood
[add/drop] Yosemite
[add/drop] Big Sur
[add/drop] Sequoia/Kings Canyon
[add/drop] Joshua Tree
[add/drop] Lassen/Lava Beds
[add/drop] Death Valley
[add/drop] Lost Coast
[add/drop] Pt. Reyes
[add/drop] Lake Tahoe
[add/drop] Mt. Shasta
[add/drop] Pinnacles
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