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If Gray Davis is recalled, who should replace him?
(Rank the candidates you support!)
1 candidate will be elected.
[add/drop] D. (LOGAN DARROW) CLEMENTS, Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] DANIEL J. RAMIREZ, Businessman/Entrepreneur/Father (Democratic)
[add/drop] SHARON RUSHFORD, Businesswoman (Independent)
[add/drop] LORRAINE (ABNER ZURD) FONTANES, Film Maker (Democratic)
[add/drop] PETER V. UEBERROTH, Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] MIKE P. MCCARTHY, Used Car Dealer (Independent)
[add/drop] DICK LANE, Educator (Democratic)
[add/drop] MICHAEL CHELI, Businessman (Independent)
[add/drop] CALVIN Y. LOUIE, CPA (Democratic)
[add/drop] NATHAN WHITECLOUD WALTON, Student (Independent)
[add/drop] GEORGE B. SCHWARTZMAN, Businessman (Independent)
[add/drop] BRYAN QUINN, Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] GREGORY J. PAWLIK, Realtor/Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] NED ROSCOE, Cigarette Retailer (Libertarian)
[add/drop] REVA RENEE RENZ, Small Business Owner (Republican)
[add/drop] TODD CARSON, Real Estate Developer (Republican)
[add/drop] JEFFREY L. MOCK, Business Owner (Republican)
[add/drop] ERIC KOREVAAR, Scientist/Businessman (Democratic)
[add/drop] GARY LEONARD, Photojournalist/Author (Democratic)
[add/drop] GINO MARTORANA, Restaurant Owner (Republican)
[add/drop] CHARLES "CHUCK" PINEDA,, State Hearing Officer (Democratic)
[add/drop] LAWRENCE STEVEN STRAUSS, Lawyer/Businessperson/Student (Democratic)
[add/drop] LEONARD PADILLA, Law School President (Independent)
[add/drop] LINGEL H. WINTERS, Consumer Business Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] PAUL NAVE, Businessman/Prizefighter/Father (Democratic)
[add/drop] SCOTT A. MEDNICK, Business Executive (Democratic)
[add/drop] DAVID RONALD SAMS, Businessman/Producer/Writer (Republican)
[add/drop] SARA ANN HANLON, Businesswoman (Independent)
[add/drop] C.T. WEBER, Labor Official/Analyst (Peace and Freedom)
[add/drop] ED BEYER, Chief Operations Officer (Republican)
[add/drop] TOM MCCLINTOCK, State Senator (Republican)
[add/drop] JIM WEIR, Community College Teacher (Democratic)
[add/drop] MAURICE WALKER, Real Estate Appraiser (Green)
[add/drop] RANDALL D. SPRAGUE, Discrimination Complaint Investigator (Republican)
[add/drop] GEORGY RUSSELL, Software Engineer (Democratic)
[add/drop] BOB LYNN EDWARDS, Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] PAUL MARIANO, Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] JOHN W. BEARD, Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, Author/Columnist/Mother (Independent)
[add/drop] GEROLD LEE GORMAN, Engineer (Democratic)
[add/drop] ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Actor/Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] MICHAEL J. WOZNIAK, Retired Police Officer (Democratic)
[add/drop] DARRYL L. MOBLEY, Businessman/Entrepreneur (Independent)
[add/drop] BROOKE ADAMS, Business Executive (Independent)
[add/drop] BRIAN TRACY, Businessman/Consultant (Independent)
[add/drop] BILL VAUGHN, Structural Engineer (Democratic)
[add/drop] EDWARD "ED" KENNEDY, Businessman/Educator (Democratic)
[add/drop] BRUCE MARGOLIN, Marijuana Legalization Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] SCOTT DAVIS, Business Owner (Independent)
[add/drop] DANIEL W. RICHARDS, Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] DAVID LAUGHING HORSE ROBINSON, Tribal Chairman (Democratic)
[add/drop] JIM HOFFMANN, Teacher (Republican)
[add/drop] DOUGLAS ANDERSON, Mortgage Broker (Republican)
[add/drop] GENE FORTE, Executive Recruiter/Entrepreneur (Republican)
[add/drop] CHRISTOPHER SPROUL, Environmental Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] LARRY FLYNT, Publisher (Democratic)
[add/drop] BOB MCCLAIN, Civil Engineer (Independent)
[add/drop] BILL PRADY, Television Writer/Producer (Democratic)
[add/drop] ROBERT C. MANNHEIM, Retired Businessperson (Democratic)
[add/drop] JAMIE ROSEMARY SAFFORD, Business Owner (Republican)
[add/drop] C. STEPHEN HENDERSON, Teacher (Independent)
[add/drop] ART BROWN, Film Writer/Director (Democratic)
[add/drop] VIP BHOLA, Attorney/Businessowner (Republican)
[add/drop] GARRETT GRUENER, High-Tech Entreprenuer (Democratic)
[add/drop] VAN VO, Radio Producer/Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] KEN HAMIDI, State Tax Officer (Libertarian)
[add/drop] S. ISSA, Engineer (Republican)
[add/drop] DIANA FOSS, No Ballot Designation Requested (Democratic)
[add/drop] WILLIAM "BILL" S. CHAMBERS, Railroad Switchman/Brakeman (Republican)
[add/drop] IVAN A. HALL, Custom Denture Manufacturer (Green)
[add/drop] JON W. ZELLHOEFER, Energy Consultant/Entrepreneur (Republican)
[add/drop] JOHN "JACK" MORTENSEN, Contractor/Businessman (Democratic)
[add/drop] DARIN PRICE, University Chemistry Instructor (Natural Law)
[add/drop] KEVIN RICHTER, Information Technology Manager (Republican)
[add/drop] PATRICIA G. TILLEY, Attorney (Independent)
[add/drop] RICHARD J. SIMMONS, Attorney/Businessperson (Independent)
[add/drop] RONALD J. FRIEDMAN, Physician (Independent)
[add/drop] BADI BADIOZAMANI, Entrepreneur/Author/Executive (Independent)
[add/drop] PAUL "CHIP" MAILANDER, Golf Professional (Democratic)
[add/drop] KURT E. RIGHTMYER, Middleweight Sumo Wrestler (Independent)
[add/drop] ROBERT CULLENBINE, Retired Businessman (Democratic)
[add/drop] JOHN J. "JACK" HICKEY, Healthcare District Director (Libertarian)
[add/drop] MICHAEL JACKSON, Satellite Project Manager (Republican)
[add/drop] CRUZ M. BUSTAMANTE, Lieutenant Governor (Democratic)
[add/drop] DAN FEINSTEIN, No Ballot Designation Requested (Democratic)
[add/drop] BILL SIMON, Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] CHERYL BLY-CHESTER, Businesswoman/Environmental Engineer (Republican)
[add/drop] DORENE MUSILLI, Parent/Educator/Businesswoman (Republican)
[add/drop] AUDIE BOCK, Educator/Small Businesswoman (Democratic)
[add/drop] FRANK A. MACALUSO, JR., Physician/Medical Doctor (Democratic)
[add/drop] JEFF RAINFORTH, Marketing Coodinator (Independent)
[add/drop] ROBERT C. NEWMAN II, Psychologist/Farmer (Republican)
[add/drop] JAMES H. GREEN, Firefighter Paramedic/Nurse (Democratic)
[add/drop] ALEX-ST. JAMES, Public Policy Strategist (Republican)
[add/drop] TREK THUNDER KELLY, Business Executive/Artist (Independent)
[add/drop] PETER MIGUEL CAMEJO, Financial Investment Advisor (Green)
[add/drop] MARC VALDEZ, Air Pollution Scientist (Democratic)
[add/drop] CARL A. MEHR, Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] VIK S. BAJWA, Businessman/Father/Entrepreneur (Democratic)
[add/drop] KELLY P. KIMBALL, Business Executive (Democratic)
[add/drop] HEATHER PETERS, Mediator (Republican)
[add/drop] RICHARD ANDREW GOSSE, Educator (Republican)
[add/drop] JONATHAN MILLER, Small Business Owner (Democratic)
[add/drop] B.E. SMITH, Lecturer (Independent)
[add/drop] JACK LOYD GRISHAM, Musician/Laborer (Independent)
[add/drop] JAMES M. VANDEVENTER, JR., Salesman/Businessman (Republican)
[add/drop] MIKE MCNEILLY, Artist (Republican)
[add/drop] ANGELYNE, Entertainer (Independent)
[add/drop] JOE GUZZARDI, Teacher/Journalist (Democratic)
[add/drop] RONALD JASON PALMIERI, Gay Rights Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] GARY COLEMAN, Actor (Independent)
[add/drop] LEO GALLAGHER, Comedian (Independent)
[add/drop] CHRISTOPHER RANKEN, Planning Commissioner (Democratic)
[add/drop] PAUL W. VANN, Financial Planner (Republican)
[add/drop] DARRIN H. SCHEIDLE, Businessman/Entrepreneur (Democratic)
[add/drop] MARY "MARY CAREY" COOK, Adult Film Actress (Independent)
[add/drop] DANIEL T. WATTS, College Student (Green)
[add/drop] CHUCK WALKER, Business Intelligence Analyst (Republican)
[add/drop] TODD RICHARD LEWIS, Businessman (Independent)
[add/drop] WILLIAM TSANGARES, Businessperson (Republican)
[add/drop] D.E. KESSINGER, Paralegal/Property Manager (Democratic)
[add/drop] TIM SYLVESTER, Entrepreneur (Democratic)
[add/drop] RALPH A. HERNANDEZ, District Attorney Inspector (Democratic)
[add/drop] WARREN FARRELL, Fathers? Issues Author (Democratic)
[add/drop] IRIS ADAM, Business Analyst (Natural Law)
[add/drop] DENNIS DUGGAN MCMAHON, Banker (Republican)
[add/drop] DIANE BEALL TEMPLIN, Attorney/Realtor/Businesswoman (American Independent)
[add/drop] MOHAMMAD ARIF, Businessman (Independent)
[add/drop] JERRY KUNZMAN, Chief Executive Officer (Independent)
[add/drop] JOEL BRITTON, Retired Meatpacker (Independent)
[add/drop] STEPHEN L. KNAPP, Engineer (Republican)
[add/drop] ROBERT "BUTCH" DOLE, Small Business Owner (Republican)
[add/drop] A. LAVAR TAYLOR, Tax Attorney (Democratic)
[add/drop] JOHN CHRISTOPHER BURTON, Civil Rights Lawyer (Independent)
[add/drop] MIKE SCHMIER, Attorney (Democratic)
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