Maine Ranked Choice Voting Election, June 12, 2018

In June 2018, the state of Maine held the nation's first statewide ranked-choice voting election. Voters approved the method in 2016, but a court said that, because the state constitution specifies plurality general elections for state offices, the first-round winner could claim victory. The constitution does not say that about primaries or federal offices. The state legislature has passed a law and otherwise fought to block or delay it in the legislature and courts, even for primaries and federal offices. After a successful petition drive to repeal the law, it was determined that the June 12, 2018 election could use ranked-choice voting for all offices, while the people also voted whether to overturn the law blocking it, which they did.

Regardless of this political drama, you can certainly use DemoChoice in a simulation of the June 2018 partisan primary election in Maine. The simulation features the four contests with three or more candidates. In the real election, there were first-round majority winners in the two Republican contests.

Governor of Maine, Democratic Primary Vote Bars
Governor of Maine, Republican Primary Vote Bars
US Representative from Maine, District 2, Democratic Primary Vote Bars
Maine State Representative, District 75, Republican Primary Vote Bars

US House district 2 consists of most of the state except the more densely populated southwestern coastline. State house district 75 consists of Turner, Leeds, and part of Livermore.

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