DemoChoice Web Poll: 2020 presidential election
1 candidate will be elected with 31 ballots cast.
Final Round    
--------------------------- 50%
Vice President Joe Biden Democrat 17  (54.8%) 
President Donald Trump Republican (12.9%) 
BBBBBBB ____________________ :
Howie Hawkins Green (12.9%) 
CCCCCCC ____________________ :
Jo Jorgensen Libertarian (9.7%) 
DDDDDD _____________________ :
Gloria La Riva Socialism and Liberation (3.2%) 
GG _________________________ :
Alyson Kennedy Socialist Workers Party (3.2%) 
I __________________________ :
Dario Hunter Progressive Party (3.2%) 
K __________________________ :
Vice President Joe Biden DemocratElected 
President Donald Trump RepublicanDefeated 
Howie Hawkins GreenDefeated 
Jo Jorgensen LibertarianDefeated 
Gloria La Riva Socialism and LiberationDefeated 
Alyson Kennedy Socialist Workers PartyDefeated 
Dario Hunter Progressive PartyDefeated 

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