DemoChoice Web Poll: tzenerene spellings
1 candidate will be elected with 5 ballots cast.
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  Tsene-Rene OrkesterTzene ReneTzene Rene OrkestarTsene Rene KlangTzene-ReneTsene-ReneThe Tzene Rene OrkestarTsene Rene KapelyeTsene Rene FahraynTsene Rene ShpielersTzene Rene ShvueTsene Rene TumltzenereneTzenne RenneTzénne RénneTZENERENETZÉNERÉNETZÉNNERÉNNENone of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count21110000000000000003
Transfers from
Tzene Rene
Round 2 Count20210000000000000003
Transfers from
Tsene Rene Klang
Round 3 Count20200000000000000012
Transfers from
Tzene Rene Orkestar
1                 1 
Round 4 Count30000000000000000022

Ballots cast: 5