DemoChoice Web Poll: ASUC 2005 External VP Election (UC Berkeley)
1 candidate will be elected with 5,927 ballots cast.
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  SHARON HAN, Student Action/UNITE-Greek/APPLE-EngineeringLINDA SALINAS, CalSERVE (Cal Students for Equal Rights & a Valid Education)Mark '90s TEEN POP IDOL' Thomas, SQUELCH!ALEJANDRA 'Ali' CRUZ, Defend Affirmative Action Party (DAAP)JORDAN S. MIKES, IndependentNone of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count2615215950842322202964
Transfers from
JORDAN S. MIKES, Independent
55223715 93 
Round 2 Count267021815454380932917
Transfers from
ALEJANDRA 'Ali' CRUZ, Defend Affirmative Action Party (DAAP)
4018968  141 
Round 3 Count27102370613002342847
Transfers from
Mark '90s TEEN POP IDOL' Thomas, SQUELCH!
179108   326 
Round 4 Count288924780005602684

Ballots cast: 5927 (81% turnout)