DemoChoice Web Poll: Dáil - Dublin North 17 May 2002
Multi-member district election for upper house of Irish parliament
4 candidates will be elected with 43,942 ballots cast.
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  Sargent, Trevor (Green)Ryan, Sean (Labour)Glennon, Jim (Fianna Fáil)Wright, G.V. (Fianna Fáil)Daly, Clare (Socialist)Kennedy, Michael (Fianna Fáil)Owen, Nora (Fine Gael)Davis, Mick (Sinn Féin)Boland, Cathal (Fine Gael)Goulding, Ciaran (no party)Quinn, Eamonn (no party)Walshe, David Henry (Christian Solidarity)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count72946359589256585501525340121350117791428524708788.4
Transfers from
Walshe, David Henry (Christian Solidarity)
39132734143791133311 16 
Round 2 Count7333637259195692551552904021136111809472960168785.2
Transfers from
Quinn, Eamonn (no party)
473526153619921962  17 
Round 3 Count738064075945570755515309403013821189100900338781.8
Transfers from
Goulding, Ciaran (no party)
2981288332179591024227   59 
Round 4 Count767865356028573957305368413214241216000928770
Transfers from
Boland, Cathal (Fine Gael)
14013012438665458816    60 
Round 5 Count7818666561525777579654224720144000001528758
Transfers from
Davis, Mick (Sinn Féin)
3001821429144811043     124 
Round 6 Count8118684762945868624455324763000002768733.2
Transfers from
Owen, Nora (Fine Gael)
16671731217271346200      331 
Round 7 Count9785857865116139659057320000006078667
Transfers from
Sargent, Trevor (Green)
Round 8 Count8788.49128.16596.126249.026772.35801.060000006078667
Transfers from
Ryan, Sean (Labour)
Round 9 Count8788.48788.46655.136306.036954.915842.130000006078667
Transfers from
Kennedy, Michael (Fianna Fáil)
211.41182.842052.362380.05756.47       259 
Round 10 Count8999.818971.248707.498686.087711.3800000008668615.2
Transfers from
Daly, Clare (Socialist)
1928.251630.541480.11605.49        1067 
Round 11 Count10928.110601.810187.610291.600000000193310040.26
All remaining candidates are elected. Transfers will be made to equalize their numbers of votes.
Transfers from
Sargent, Trevor (Green)
Round 12 Count10502.310601.810435.810469.200000000193310040.26
Transfers from
Ryan, Sean (Labour)
Round 13 Count10502.310502.210491.310513.200000000193310040.26
Transfers from
Wright, G.V. (Fianna Fáil)
Round 14 Count10502.310502.210502.210502.300000000193310040.26

Ballots cast: 43942 (60.7% turnout)