DemoChoice Web Poll: TPP Presidential Straw Poll
1 candidate will be elected with 22 ballots cast.
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  Bernie Sanders (WFP)Joe Biden (D)Donald Trump (R)Jacob Hornberger (L)Brian Carroll (ASP)Howie Hawkins (G)Don Blankenship (C)Gloria La Riva (P&F)Phil Collins (P)Jeff Mackler (SAP)Joseph Kishore (SEP)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count76531000000011
Transfers from
Brian Carroll (ASP)
Round 2 Count76540000000011
Transfers from
Jacob Hornberger (L)
1 3          
Round 3 Count86800000000011
Transfers from
Joe Biden (D)
3 3          
Round 4 Count1101100000000011
Transfers from
Donald Trump (R)
5          6 
Round 5 Count16000000000068

Ballots cast: 22