DemoChoice Web Poll: Santa Fe Mayor 2018
Retaining a few 'undervotes' with a blank higher choice and valid lower choice.
1 candidate will be elected with 20,588 ballots cast.
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  Alan WebberRonald S. TrujilloKate I. NobleJoseph M. MaestasPeter N. IvesNone of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count80765018461016491235010294
Transfers from
Peter N. Ives
391215316170 143 
Round 2 Count8467523349261819014310223
Transfers from
Joseph M. Maestas
619416638  146 
Round 3 Count9086564955640028910150
Transfers from
Kate I. Noble
39901028   546 
Round 4 Count1307666770008359877

Ballots cast: 20588

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