DemoChoice Web Poll: UNE Planetary Council Election
1 candidate will be elected with 27 ballots cast.
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  Neal Jackson (Egalitarian)David Cumberland (Conservative Egalitarian)Darnell Depaz (Militarist)Meghan Southward (Technologist)Hope Montgomery (Egalitarian)Carol Hansen (Militarist)Chester Leonard (Human Supremacist)Daron Carrillo (Egalitarian)Orville Sherrard (Human Supremacist)Elton Betters (Human Isolationist)Marylyn Tisdale (Militarist)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count54333322110014
Transfers from
Elton Betters (Human Isolationist)
Round 2 Count54333332100014
Transfers from
Orville Sherrard (Human Supremacist)
Round 3 Count54333342000014
Transfers from
Daron Carrillo (Egalitarian)
1   1        
Round 4 Count64334340000014
Transfers from
Carol Hansen (Militarist)
 11        1 
Round 5 Count65434040000113
Transfers from
Meghan Southward (Technologist)
1   2        
Round 6 Count75406040000113
Transfers from
Darnell Depaz (Militarist)
Round 7 Count79006040000113
Transfers from
Chester Leonard (Human Supremacist)
 1  2      1 
Round 8 Count710008000000213
Transfers from
Neal Jackson (Egalitarian)
 2  5        
Round 9 Count0120013000000213

Ballots cast: 27