DemoChoice Web Poll: What Book to Read Next? (October 2021)
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  Object Design by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Alan McKeanGrowing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests by Steve Freeman & Nat PryceUnit Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns by Vladimir KhorikovAntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis by William J. BrownDesigning Data-Intensive Applications by Martin KleppmannApplying Domain-Driven Design And Patterns: With Examples in C# and .net by Jimmy NilssonApplying UML and Patterns by Craig LarmanBuilding Evolutionary Architectures by Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons & Patrick KuaDatabase Internals: A Deep Dive into How Distributed Data Systems Work by Alex PetrovDesign Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, et alDomain Driven Design Quickly by InfoQEffective Java by Joshua BlochExtreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, 2nd Edition by Kent BeckFundamentals of Software Architecture by Neal Ford and Mark RichardGet Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture by Tom HombergsImplementation Patterns by Kent BeckJava Concurrency in Practice by Brian GoetzJava OOP Done Right by Alan MellorJUnit Recipes by J. B. RainsbergerPatterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin FowlerPatterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design by Scott MillettPrefactoring: Extreme Abstraction - Extreme Separation - Extreme Reliability by Ken PughRefactoring (1st or 2nd Edition: 1st=Java, 2nd=JavaScript) by Martin FowlerRefactoring for Software Design Smells: Managing Technical Debt by Girish SuryanarayanaSpring Security in Action by Laurentiu SpilcaSustainable Software Architecture: Analyze and Reduce Technical Debt by Carola LilienthalThe Pragmatic Programmer: journey to mastery, 20th Anniversary Edition by David ThomasWhy programs fail: A Guide to Systematic Debugging by Andreas ZellerxUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code by Gerard MeszarosNone of theseNeed to win
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