DemoChoice Web Poll: Connecticut State Food
1 candidate will be elected with 34 ballots cast.
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  Thin-crust apizzaPizzaHot buttered lobster rollWhite clam pizzaApple cider doughnutSteamed cheeseburgerPez candyHasty puddingOriginal hamburger sandwichMounds candy barPumpkin pieApple pieGoldfish crackersSubway sandwichGrinder sandwichUConn Dairy Bar ice creamCow Trax ice creamPlanked shadHartford election cakeNutmeg log cookiesNone of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count1311422110000000000000017
Transfers from
Steamed cheeseburger
Round 2 Count1311423010000000000000017
Transfers from
Pez candy
Round 3 Count1411423000000000000000017
Transfers from
White clam pizza
Round 4 Count1411603000000000000000017
Transfers from
Apple cider doughnut
1 1                 1 
Round 5 Count1511700000000000000000117
Transfers from
Hot buttered lobster roll
23                  2 
Round 6 Count1714000000000000000000316

Ballots cast: 34