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[add/drop] (DUMARAOS) Prostitution
[add/drop] (ESPINELI) Which type of legislature is better for the Philippines? Bicameral or Unicameral?
[add/drop] (SORIANO) The Effect of Social Media in Politics
[add/drop] (QUIAMBAO)Youth Involvement in politics
[add/drop] (ESPINELI) How do authoritarians gain power in democracies?
[add/drop] (DUMARAOS & BARGO ) Gender Bias in Child Custody
[add/drop] (FERNANDEZ) The Relation of Political Dynasties to Poverty
[add/drop] (SORIANO) Gun Laws
[add/drop] (BARGO) The Ethics of Elections
[add/drop] (FERNANDEZ) The Relation of Political Dynasties to Corruption
[add/drop] (BARGO) Is Pardoning Acceptable?
[add/drop] (FERNANDEZ) The Culture of Politics
[add/drop] (DUMARAOS) Suicidal Behaviors
[add/drop] (ESPINELI) Do voting systems affect the turnout in elections?
[add/drop] (SORIANO) Female Representation in Government and Politics
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