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New Zealand, Canterbury District Health Board, 2004
by DemoChoice rules
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7 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Neville BENNETT
[add/drop] Peter van HOUT
[add/drop] Rod CAMERON
[add/drop] Tom DOWIE
[add/drop] Heather CARTER
[add/drop] Robert H McKEOWN
[add/drop] Robin BOOTH
[add/drop] Mark WEBSTER
[add/drop] Paul TELFER
[add/drop] Stephanie Jane WATERFIELD
[add/drop] Eleanor CARTER
[add/drop] Olive WEBB
[add/drop] Tahu STIRLING
[add/drop] Mary KING
[add/drop] Winston McKEAN
[add/drop] Kathryn McILRAITH
[add/drop] Michael HANSEN
[add/drop] Jo KANE
[add/drop] Kevin Patrick O'CONNELL
[add/drop] Felicity PRICE
[add/drop] David MORRELL
[add/drop] Andrew John McKENZIE
[add/drop] Ray KIRK
[add/drop] Alison WILKIE
[add/drop] John DEAN
[add/drop] Laurence MALCOLM
[add/drop] Alister JAMES
[add/drop] Peter STOCKS
[add/drop] Sandi EVANS
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