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Listener's Choice Preliminary Round Poll 1
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16 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Jeff Regan (Jack Webb)
[add/drop] Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator
[add/drop] Adventures of Frank Race (Tom Collins)
[add/drop] Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (John Lund)
[add/drop] Nero Wolfe (Sidney Greenstreet)
[add/drop] Rogue’s Gallery (Dick Powell)
[add/drop] Casebook of Gregory Hood
[add/drop] Pat Novak for Hire (Jack Webb)
[add/drop] Adventures of the Abbott (Les Damon)
[add/drop] Sherlock Holmes (John Gielgud)
[add/drop] A Life in Your Hands
[add/drop] Jeff Regan (Frank Graham)
[add/drop] Amazing Mr. Malone/Murder and Mister Malone
[add/drop] Sherlock Holmes (John Stanley)
[add/drop] The Line Up
[add/drop] Let George Do It (Bob Bailey)
[add/drop] Mr. Moto
[add/drop] Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (Charles Russell)
[add/drop] Box 13
[add/drop] Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (Edmund O’Brien)
[add/drop] Sherlock Holmes (Tom Conway)
[add/drop] Candy Matson
[add/drop] Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone)
[add/drop] Adventures of Frank Race (Paul Dubov)
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DemoChoice web polls are designed to produce satisfactory representation for everyone, with majority rule. If your favorite candidate has too few votes to win, your vote will be transferred to your next favorite, if possible. If your favorite candidate has more than enough votes, some ballots may be partially transferred so that all winners represent equal numbers of voters.