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Great Detective's Listener's Choice Short Division
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5 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Pursuit (John Dehner)
[add/drop] The Fat Man
[add/drop] Crime Files of Flammond
[add/drop] Air Mail Mystery
[add/drop] Hearthstone of the Death Squad
[add/drop] Defense Attorney/The Defense Rests
[add/drop] Easy Money
[add/drop] Hollywood Mystery Time
[add/drop] Christopher London
[add/drop] I Deal in Crime
[add/drop] Pursuit (Ted De Corsia)
[add/drop] Dr. Tim, Detective
[add/drop] The Thin Man (David Goddard)
[add/drop] Sherlock Holmes (Luis Hector)
[add/drop] Call the Police (Joseph Julian)
[add/drop] Adventures of the Abbotts (Mandel Kramer)
[add/drop] The Man from Homicide
[add/drop] Philip Marlowe (Van Heflin)
[add/drop] Let George Do It (Olan Soule)
[add/drop] Leonidas Witherall
[add/drop] Mark Sabre/ABC Mystery Theatre (Robert Carroll)
[add/drop] The Big Guy
[add/drop] Pete Kelly’s Blues
[add/drop] Hercule Poirot (Harold Huber)
[add/drop] The Saint (Tom Conway)
[add/drop] Boston Blackie (Chester Morris)
[add/drop] That Strong Guy
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