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biggest lime fan?
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1 candidate will be elected.
[add/drop] income increase#5899 (Freedomtoons for President)
[add/drop] A Tesco Meal Deal#3207 (yugoslavia)
[add/drop] Nich#7477 (solek master race)
[add/drop] Equidles#9640
[add/drop] Diaper McDiaper#4678
[add/drop] el barmo#0009
[add/drop] QuakeAngelAvadica#1197
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This is an "instant runoff" poll, allowing voters to conveniently find a strongly supported winner from among many candidates, with minimal worries about "wasting" votes on weak candidates or "splitting" votes between similar candidates. Here's how it works:

  1. Each ballot is counted toward its highest-ranked remaining candidate.
  2. Does a candidate have a majority of counted votes?
    No: The last-place candidate is eliminated; go to step 1.
    Yes: The majority winner wins the election.


  • Your lower choices won't hurt the chances of your higher choices.
  • Please don't give two or more candidates the same rank.
  • Only the order of your ranked candidates matters, and not the actual numbers.
  • If you don't rank a candidate, it means you'd rather not have your vote count than have it count toward that candidate.