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Offical name of the SRA ranfe
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[add/drop] Tin bucket
[add/drop] Black'n'Red/Brass'n'Lead
[add/drop] Northeast Social Gun Club
[add/drop] Community Range And Defense (ComRADE)
[add/drop] Northeast (People's?) Defense Co-op
[add/drop] Northeast Solidarity Range
[add/drop] Northeast Workers Range
[add/drop] The Sanctuary
[add/drop] Laborer's Union of Scum Shop Lodge
[add/drop] Granite State Gunnery
[add/drop] W.E.B Du Bois Community Brass Range
[add/drop] Northeast Workers Brass Range
[add/drop] New England Bullet Bar
[add/drop] Coalition for the Attrition of Republican and Democratic Party Ideals Not Allowing Liberty Range (CARDINAL)
[add/drop] Tin Bucket
[add/drop] Northeast Brass Association
[add/drop] Atlantic Coast Co-op Shooting Galley
[add/drop] Endless Screams Sanctuary
[add/drop] Brass Bucket
[add/drop] Black & Red All-Shooters Society (B.R.A.S.S.)
[add/drop] Red Deer Range
[add/drop] B&R Brass n lead works
[add/drop] Red Squid Range
[add/drop] Northeast Brass And Lead Club
[add/drop] Northeast Brass Club
[add/drop] Red Squid Sanctuary 
[add/drop] W.E.B Du Bois Community Firing Range
[add/drop] The Nor'easter Gun Range
[add/drop] Phat Brass
[add/drop] Tubman's Garrison
[add/drop] Black n Red Education And Defense (BREAD)
[add/drop] Northeast Community Defense
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