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Assistant Principal for a Day
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1 candidate will be elected.
[add/drop] Student sense of privilege/classism
[add/drop] Balancing class sizes
[add/drop] Lack of health related education
[add/drop] Student stress levels
[add/drop] Interruptions to the teaching day
[add/drop] The Daily Bulletin
[add/drop] Cheating
[add/drop] Re-assessments
[add/drop] Tardies to class
[add/drop] Late arrivals to school
[add/drop] Student behavior in public spaces
[add/drop] Sustainability issues (single use plastics, paper usage etc)
[add/drop] Subs
[add/drop] Advisory
[add/drop] Teacher conflicts such as holding kids over to finish a test
[add/drop] Detention for missed formative work
[add/drop] Sexism on campus
[add/drop] Staff cohesion/connectivity
[add/drop] Exclusion of students by students
[add/drop] Vaping on Campus
[add/drop] Homophobia on campus
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