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[add/drop] A Resolution to Recognize Hong Kong’s Government
[add/drop] A Bill to Lower the Voting Age to Sixteen to Increase Voter Turnout
[add/drop] A Bill to Remove the “Tax Exempt” Status of Churches and Religious Organizations
[add/drop] A Bill to Implement a Progressive Income Tax Bracket
[add/drop] A Bill to Improve Consumer Data Protection
[add/drop] A Bill to Implement a Firearm Owner Certification System to Decrease Gun Violence
[add/drop] A Resolution to Abolish the Fighting Words Doctrine
[add/drop] The Immigration Coordination & Efficiency Act
[add/drop] A Resolution to Remove US Troops from Afganistan
[add/drop] Right to Repair Act
[add/drop] A Resolution to Recognize Kurdistan as a Sovereign Nation
[add/drop] A Bill to Make Voting in Federal Elections Compulsory to Strengthen Democratic Institutions in the US
[add/drop] A Bill to Mandate Passage of the US Citizen’s Civics Test to Earn a High School Diploma
[add/drop] A Bill to Suspend Congressional Salaries during a Government Shutdown
[add/drop] A Bill to Ban Solitary Confinement
[add/drop] The Freedom Dividend Act of 2020
[add/drop] A Bill to Prohibit Discriminatory Data Practices to Protect Americans
[add/drop] A Bill to Ban Police use of Facial Recognition Technology
[add/drop] A Bill to Subsidize Local News Publications
[add/drop] The Student and Education Loan Forgiveness (SELF) Act
[add/drop] A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Provide Legal Defense to Civil Defendants
[add/drop] A Resolution to Ratify UNCLOS
[add/drop] The Free and Fair Elections Amendment
[add/drop] A Bill to Raise the Starting Salaries of U.S. Educators
[add/drop] The Asylum Reform Act of 2019
[add/drop] A Bill to Legalize Use and Possession of Marijuana in the United States
[add/drop] A Resolution to Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests
[add/drop] A Resolution to Name English and Spanish as the Official Languages of the United States
[add/drop] A Bill to Legalize Prostitution to Decrease Human Trafficking
[add/drop] A Resolution to Formally Condemn the People's Republic of China
[add/drop] A Resolution to Assist LGBT Elders
[add/drop] A Resolution to Boycott the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Response to Qatari Human Rights Abuses
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