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Connecticut State Food
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1 candidate will be elected.
[add/drop] Apple pie
[add/drop] Pizza
[add/drop] Planked shad
[add/drop] UConn Dairy Bar ice cream
[add/drop] Subway sandwich
[add/drop] Cow Trax ice cream
[add/drop] Pez candy
[add/drop] Hot buttered lobster roll
[add/drop] Grinder sandwich
[add/drop] Steamed cheeseburger
[add/drop] Hasty pudding
[add/drop] White clam pizza
[add/drop] Original hamburger sandwich
[add/drop] Hartford election cake
[add/drop] Goldfish crackers
[add/drop] Nutmeg log cookies
[add/drop] Mounds candy bar
[add/drop] Apple cider doughnut
[add/drop] Thin-crust apizza
[add/drop] Pumpkin pie
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