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California Governor Recall Replacement 2021
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1 candidate will be elected.
[add/drop] Joe M. Symmon, Republican, Community Volunteer
[add/drop] Holly L. Baade, Democratic, Mother/Business Owner
[add/drop] Steve Chavez Lodge, Republican, Retired Homicide Detective
[add/drop] Jeremiah "Jeremy" Marciniak, No Party Preference
[add/drop] Patrick Kilpatrick, Democratic, Actor/Screenwriter/Producer
[add/drop] Kevin Paffrath, Democratic, Financial Educator/Analyst
[add/drop] David Moore, No Qualified Party Preference, Public School Teacher
[add/drop] Sarah Stephens, Republican, Pastor
[add/drop] Michael Loebs, No Qualified Party Preference, University Lecturer
[add/drop] Adam Papagan, No Party Preference, Entertainer
[add/drop] Sam L. Gallucci, Republican, Pastor/CEO/Consultant
[add/drop] James G. Hanink, No Qualified Party Preference, Retired Educator
[add/drop] Doug Ose, Republican, Farmer/Small Businessman
[add/drop] Kevin L. Faulconer, Republican, Businessman/Educator
[add/drop] Daniel Mercuri, Republican, Father/Business Owner
[add/drop] Robert C. Newman II, Republican, Farmer/Psychologist
[add/drop] Kevin K. Kaul, No Party Preference, Real Estate Developer
[add/drop] Jeff Hewitt, Libertarian, Riverside County Supervisor
[add/drop] Dennis Richter, No Party Preference, Retail Store Worker
[add/drop] Daniel Watts, Democratic, Free Speech Lawyer
[add/drop] Chauncey "Slim" Killens, Republican, Retired Correctional Officer
[add/drop] Kevin Kiley, Republican, California Legislator
[add/drop] Anthony Trimino, Republican, Entrepreneur/CEO
[add/drop] Denver Stoner, Republican, Deputy Sheriff
[add/drop] Heather Collins, Green, Business Owner/Hairstylist
[add/drop] Rhonda Furin, Republican, Nonprofit President
[add/drop] Joel Ventresca, Democratic, Retired Airport Analyst
[add/drop] Nickolas Wildstar, Republican, Musician/Entrepreneur/Father
[add/drop] Jacqueline McGowan, Democratic, Cannabis Policy Advisor
[add/drop] John Cox, Republican, Businessman/Accountant/Father
[add/drop] Major Singh, No Party Preference, Software Engineer
[add/drop] John R. Drake, Democratic, College Student
[add/drop] Larry A. Elder, Republican, Broadcaster/Author
[add/drop] David Alexander Bramante, Republican, Realtor/Multifamily Developer
[add/drop] Denis Lucey, No Party Preference, Teacher
[add/drop] Jenny Rae Le Roux, Republican, Business Owner/Mother
[add/drop] Dan Kapelovitz, Green, Criminal Defense Attorney
[add/drop] Leo S. Zacky, Republican, Businessman/Farmer
[add/drop] David Hillberg, Republican, Aircraft Mechanic/Actor
[add/drop] Angelyne, No Party Preference, Entertainer
[add/drop] David Lozano, Republican, Executive Officer/Attorney
[add/drop] Ted Gaines, Republican, Board of Equalization Member
[add/drop] Diego Martinez, Republican, Businessman
[add/drop] Caitlyn Jenner, Republican, Businessperson/Entrepreneur
[add/drop] Armando "Mando" Perez-Serrato, Democratic
[add/drop] Brandon M. Ross, Democratic, Physician/Attorney
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