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[add/drop] Spencer
[add/drop] Days
[add/drop] CODA
[add/drop] The Beatles: Get Back
[add/drop] A Hero
[add/drop] The Last Duel
[add/drop] The Lost Daughter
[add/drop] Red Post on Escher Street
[add/drop] Last Night in Soho
[add/drop] Mass
[add/drop] There Is No Evil
[add/drop] No Sudden Move
[add/drop] Titane
[add/drop] The Tragedy of Macbeth
[add/drop] Bergman Island
[add/drop] House of Gucci
[add/drop] Memoria
[add/drop] Pleasure
[add/drop] The Souvenir, Part II
[add/drop] The Matrix Resurrections
[add/drop] Procession
[add/drop] The Card Counter
[add/drop] The Mitchells vs. The Machines
[add/drop] Nightmare Alley
[add/drop] About Endlessness
[add/drop] The Electrical Life of Louis Wain
[add/drop] Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
[add/drop] Riders of Justice
[add/drop] Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry
[add/drop] Raging Fire
[add/drop] Licorice Pizza
[add/drop] The Worst Person in the World
[add/drop] Don't Look Up
[add/drop] C'mon C'mon
[add/drop] In the Earth
[add/drop] Drive My Car
[add/drop] Parallel Mothers
[add/drop] Enemies of the State
[add/drop] Lamb
[add/drop] The Beta Test
[add/drop] The Killing of Two Lovers
[add/drop] Stray
[add/drop] This Is Not a War Story
[add/drop] Undine
[add/drop] Shiva Baby
[add/drop] Flee
[add/drop] Annette
[add/drop] The First Wave
[add/drop] Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn
[add/drop] Ascension
[add/drop] Zola
[add/drop] The Green Knight
[add/drop] Wrath of Man
[add/drop] Passing
[add/drop] Benedetta
[add/drop] El Planeta
[add/drop] Prayers for the Stolen
[add/drop] Petite Maman
[add/drop] The French Dispatch
[add/drop] Dune
[add/drop] tick, tick...BOOM!
[add/drop] I'm Your Man
[add/drop] The Velvet Underground
[add/drop] The Power of the Dog
[add/drop] West Side Story
[add/drop] Malignant
[add/drop] Being the Ricardos
[add/drop] The Humans
[add/drop] Summer of Soul (Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)
[add/drop] The Hand of God
[add/drop] Zack Snyder's Justice League
[add/drop] Red Rocket
[add/drop] Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar
[add/drop] Luca
[add/drop] In the Heights
[add/drop] Pig
[add/drop] Swan Song
[add/drop] Spider-Man: No Way Home
[add/drop] The Harder They Fall
[add/drop] Belfast
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DemoChoice web polls are designed to produce satisfactory representation for everyone, with majority rule. If your favorite candidate has too few votes to win, your vote will be transferred to your next favorite, if possible. If your favorite candidate has more than enough votes, some ballots may be partially transferred so that all winners represent equal numbers of voters.