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[add/drop] Potential Rock for T2 2021: Office and Retail Leasing is difficult during Covid-19. Should NDC have a comprehensive Strategy
[add/drop] Strategy for handling Warranty Claim and quality control during construction
[add/drop] Feeling overwhelmed by workload
[add/drop] Establishing structure to site visits
[add/drop] Covid Impacts and how to handle
[add/drop] Is there a better way for NDC to manage contracts across projects to avoid review time and create stronger contracts? 3
[add/drop] Recommendations for Reformatting Agenda of the all staff meeting
[add/drop] Standardize one communication system/platform – Zoom, Uber Conference, JoinMe, Google Meet
[add/drop] How do we implement the ideas for team building solutions beyond health insurance
[add/drop] What's the next step for integrate those Ideas of Technology/Design we should integrate for retail and office to NDC projects
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