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[add/drop] MP2F, Massive Parallel MultiPhysics Framework
[add/drop] ZELMA, Zonal Embedded Large-Eddy Multiphysics Algorithm
[add/drop] OMA, Object-Oriented Multiphysics Algorithm
[add/drop] NICE, Numerical Integration of Conservation Equations
[add/drop] MAIA, Multi-physics (at) AIA, (roman/greek goddess of growth)
[add/drop] OOPS, Object Oriented multiPhysics Solver
[add/drop] TMPU, The Multiphysics Unraveler,
[add/drop] ZZphos, often frustrating, but always rocking
[add/drop] FAM, flows and more
[add/drop] SFZ, Solver de Flow Zonal, tagline: parlez vous francais?
[add/drop] WOOM, same as BOOM
[add/drop] KARMN, Keep Advancing Research in Multiphysics Numerically
[add/drop] XSOLF, the 'F' is for flow and 'c' for clean code
[add/drop] ZMS, Zonal Multiphysics Solver
[add/drop] CMS, Cartesian Multiphysics Solver
[add/drop] NIMP, Numerical Integration (of) Multiphysics
[add/drop] NICP, Numerical Integration (of) Coupled Physics
[add/drop] BOOM, B... Object-Oriented Multiphysics solver
[add/drop] CMPLX, Coupled MultiPhysics ...
[add/drop] KARMAN, Key Application for Research in Multiphysics And Numerics
[add/drop] SUDU, Schnelligkeit auf Chinesisch
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