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Best things about Maine's "Question 5" election reform?
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[add/drop] When other nations also modernize they will stop causing wars
[add/drop] More than two parties will be able to compete
[add/drop] IRV has been VERY popular in most cities that have already modernized
[add/drop] Only the single most popular candidate will win
[add/drop] IRV elections CUT negative mudslinging from campaigns
[add/drop] Better elections will result in better govt.
[add/drop] More states can modernize before Nov. 2018
[add/drop] Voters should be allowed to rank all the candidates that we like
[add/drop] There will be higher voter turnout using IRV
[add/drop] In Nov. 2016, Maine was the first state to pass IRV statewide
[add/drop] ALL of these choices are REAL benefits of IRV elections!
[add/drop] "IRV" CUTS the influence of money In elections
[add/drop] We will be able to vote for who we really want
[add/drop] Democrats will become the centrist party
[add/drop] Candidates will campaign to the center, not extremists
[add/drop] candidates will NOT need lots of money to win
[add/drop] Read more at. WWW.INSTANTRUNOFF.COM
[add/drop] With IRV, politicians need "superpluralities" to win
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