Instant Runoff and
A DemoChoice project

IRSA builds on traditional Single Transferable Vote methods to provide:
  • Satisfactory representation for everyone
  • Majority rule
  • Well-defined constituencies
  • Minimal ballot slicing
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NOTE: IRSA is very young software. Please notify us if you encounter anything strange!
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As in Meek, surpluses can be transferred in any round, and you don't need to know how a ballot counted in a previous round to know how it will count in the current round. However, it adopts Warren's use of maxima instead of a surplus fraction, so ballots are split into smaller pieces, and each voter is associated with a smaller number representatives. IRSA counts more votes for winners by recasting exhausted ballots that are still countable. By keeping ballot fractions as large as possible, IRSA is plausibly hand-countable.
Read the IRSA specification and arguments for it, or a slideshow featuring IRSA.

Favorite California Parks and Natural Areas
(Rank the candidates you support!)
4 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Redwood
[add/drop] Big Sur
[add/drop] Sequoia/Kings Canyon
[add/drop] Pinnacles
[add/drop] Mt. Shasta
[add/drop] Lake Tahoe
[add/drop] Lassen/Lava Beds
[add/drop] Joshua Tree
[add/drop] Death Valley
[add/drop] Pt. Reyes
[add/drop] Yosemite
[add/drop] Lost Coast
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