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DemoChoice is an open-source, cross-platform software package released under the GNU General Public License. I hope that this license arrangement will encourage development of more ranked-choice voting packages, and generally result in widespread use of this election method on the web. Please note that the license does not apply to the entire contents of the website or of other websites that use this software.

The software is written mostly in PHP. An optional C++ version of the counting engine is provided. Pie charts require PHP's graphics extension. It is optimized so that it performs well for large-scale polls (more than 100,000 votes). Also, it works well on a wide range of browsers, including text-only browsers like Lynx.

Use DemoChoice in your presentation or convention!

The best reason to download DemoChoice is to run it on a laptop for use in a presentation or at a convention table. Install xampp (a self-contained version of apache and php) on your USB memory stick or laptop, copy the DemoChoice files in a folder named "dc" to the xampp/htdocs folder, and run the apache-start.bat file in the xampp folder (leave the window open). Then send your browser to http://localhost/dc and you should be in business. The xampp "lite" package is recommended, and your memory stick should be 256MB or more. Of course, web server installations other than xampp can work too.

Create highly customized polls!
If you want to embed a DemoChoice ballot in a complex web page, create a new ballot style or counting method, or link a poll to your own database of voters, you can install DemoChoice on your own website.

Note: In most cases, it's easier to just create a poll here and link to it.

August 2006 Release
The DemoChoice website has been kept up to date through 2018, and the software works with PHP 5.6 and 7.2. For various reasons, it would not work well with automated version management software, and it has obviously been a while since the released version was updated. The released version contains the ballot, tally, and results scripts, and a few support and sample ballot files. It works in PHP 4, and in later versions with a few edits.

Download 282k zipped or 239k gzipped tar version

Windows version (400k zipped file with precompiled C++ engine)

This release contains about 2 dozen files. The tar file can be expanded using the unix command

or most prepackaged compression programs. Put the DemoChoice files in your webspace and read the readme file to proceed from there.

DemoChoice ©2001 Dave Robinson