DemoChoice Web Poll: ASUC 2003 External VP Election (UC Berkeley)
1 candidate will be elected with 7,144 ballots cast.
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  TAZ 'NO FEE INCREASE' PATEL, STUDENT ACTION/BECS ENGINEERS/UNITE GREEKAnu 'Change Has Come' Joshi, CalSERVERonald Cruz, Defend Affirmative Action Party (DAAP)Dan 'Wage Sex Not War' Freedman, Squelch!None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count3006299161053703572
Transfers from
Dan 'Wage Sex Not War' Freedman, Squelch!
11811438 267 
Round 2 Count3124310564802673439
Transfers from
Ronald Cruz, Defend Affirmative Action Party (DAAP)
99285  264 
Round 3 Count32233390005313307

Ballots cast: 7144 (81.1% turnout)