DemoChoice Web Poll: ASUC 2001 External VP Election (UC Berkeley)
1 candidate will be elected with 5,808 ballots cast.
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  JOSH 'HOUSING ADVOCATE' FRYDAY, Student ActionDavid Nabti, APPLEKenny 'Light Yellow' Byerly, Squelch!Chuck 'J4P, F Berdahl' McNally, IndependentIshan Baumik, PizzaThomas Leroe-Munoz, ZINSANone of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count2631177556034526822902904
Transfers from
Thomas Leroe-Munoz, ZINSA
4131621619 60 
Round 2 Count267218066223612870602874
Transfers from
Ishan Baumik, Pizza
43347024  116 
Round 3 Count27151840692385001762816
Transfers from
Chuck 'J4P, F Berdahl' McNally, Independent
6313480   108 
Round 4 Count277819747720002842762

Ballots cast: 5808 (78.4% turnout)