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ASUC 2002 Senator Election (UC Berkeley)
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20 candidates will be elected.
Rachel Casamina, BECS
Beau Davenport, Cal-Serve
Andrew Laffoon, COPE
Gustavo Mata, Cal-Serve
Jon Fong, Fong Twins
Adnan Iqbal, GOATMILK
Fabiola Larios, Cal-Serve
Tara Tineal, DAAP
Joe Henchman, Reform the ASUC/Libertarian/Green
Daiva Mattis, BECS
Josie Hyman, DAAP
Eric Skidmore, APPLE-Greek
Zhi Hu, Student Action
David Garner, Cal-SERVE
Kadhir Rajagopal, DAAP
Eric England, Woodstock
Teri Whittington, DAAP
Devesh Parekh, Independent
Scott Newman, Pokemon
Sunny Lu, Independent
Japneet Kaur, Student Action
Omar Rodriguez, DAAP
Taina Gomez, Cal-Serve
Kenny Kamrin, APPLE-Engineering
Bryan Levine, Student Groups Party
Dan Komarek, Cal-Serve
Hanna Song, Unite
Katie Mattesich, Unite
Crissy Solh, Fight for Your Party
Pierce Minor, Student Action
Mohammed Masud, APPLE-Engineering
Josephine Ni, BECS
Evan Holland, Cal-Serve
Yesenia Vencebi, DAAP
Jackie Lindsey, Student Action
Catherine Ahn, Cal-Serve
Juan Davalos, APPLE
Sasha Varsanofieva, APPLE-Engineering
Shawn Fried, Student Action
Ian Ackerman, Free Weed!
Josh Ong, COPE
Jenn Ro, Student Action
Diana Smith, APPLE
Mark Turner, DAAP
Kris Cuaresma-Primm, Aloha-Independence
Hoku Jeffrey, DAAP
Kevin Motamadi, APPLE-Greek
Shaudi Falamaki, APPLE
Anu Joshi, Independent
Dave Duman, Squelch!
Vitali Borishansky, Independent
Joana Basulto, DAAP
Leonard Covarrubias, DAAP
Jessica Quindel, Cal-Serve
Michelle Vuksik, Student Action
Noah Kagan, Independent
Grace Malyar, DAAP
Amorette Yang, Cal-Serve
Daniel Frankenstein, He's No Monster
Yih-Han Ma, Student Action
Andy Ho, Ho-Train Express
Misha Leybovich, APPLE-Engineering
Colin Sueyres, RANDOM
Dominique West, Cal-Serve
Jose Luis Lopez, Cal-Serve
Keishia Sheffield, DAAP
Ryan Pauley, Squelch!
David Hornung, Squelch!
Peter Gee, Cal-Serve
Chris Fong, Fong Twins
Chris Nelson, RANDOM
JC Pratt, APPLE-Greek
Melissa Turner, DAAP
Patrick Hammon, Cal-Serve
Paul Lafata, Berkeley College Republican Party
Jasper Cacananta, Cal-Serve
Jengyee Liang, APPLE-Engineering
Drew Wooster, APPLE
Taz Patel, Unite
Ronald Cruz, DAAP
Mary Boktor, Cal-Serve
Chung Nguyen, Independent
Joseph Kim, APPLE
Elana Goldstein, APPLE
Michael Perlberg, Boston Tea Party
Stephen Siringoringo, Student Action
Kato Ng, BECS
Frank Lee, Unite
Nanako Tamaru, APPLE
Mike Hatch, Independent
Clifford Costa, Student Action
Mazi Pielsticker, Cal-Serve
Yem Mai, APPLE-Greek
Amit Banerji, Student Action
Ngoc Du, DAAP
Kevin Deenihan, Squelch!
Brandon Mills, STAR WARS
Eric Anthony, Democratic
Michael Olin, CO-OP
Jessica Richman, APPLE
Scott Coleman, Independent
Lynn Suh, Independent
Anna Elzeftawy, APPLE
Min Chu, DAAP
Rion Pelicane, RANDOM
Boback Ziaeian, Squelch!
John Wilson, Student Action
Anand Upadhye, Walking Walrus
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