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IDPD's official religion
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3 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Radical Catholic
[add/drop] satanism
[add/drop] squating
[add/drop] the church of the God Emperor of Mankind
[add/drop] the spaghetti one
[add/drop] florisism(break off from weebism)
[add/drop] the church of gumboots
[add/drop] wehrabooism
[add/drop] Church of trump
[add/drop] blue lives matter
[add/drop] shouta
[add/drop] Carl (the one true religion proven by science)
[add/drop] the throne
[add/drop] Order of the 10000 arms: church of arceus
[add/drop] bean form the iO1 meme
[add/drop] loli's in tanks
[add/drop] jewish despacito
[add/drop] Mr Monaghan
[add/drop] Shotacon
[add/drop] the church of headpats(weebism)
[add/drop] paradox inc
[add/drop] slavic despacito
[add/drop] despacito
[add/drop] the halo theme song
[add/drop] violetism
[add/drop] last Thursdayism
[add/drop] Food (#1 religion in Ukraine)
[add/drop] The church of mechanism
[add/drop] Communism
[add/drop] pep
[add/drop] Jeffism
[add/drop] Frisbeetarianism
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