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10 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] inform people about candidates ahead of time in simple language (letters, emails)
[add/drop] Simplify voting language and info about candidates
[add/drop] Polling stations should be opened up in all neighborhoods
[add/drop] extend voting hours till 8 PM
[add/drop] automatic voter registration
[add/drop] lower voting age to 17.5
[add/drop] Instant Runoff voting instead of winner take all
[add/drop] make a law that requires every citizen to vote
[add/drop] Go by popular vote in national elections
[add/drop] People with DACA (dreamers) should be eligible to vote
[add/drop] make a program that has mobile voting trucks
[add/drop] create a secure online voting system
[add/drop] be able to register at schools
[add/drop] extend voting 1 week longer than current system
[add/drop] change law to allow felons to vote
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DemoChoice web polls are designed to produce satisfactory representation for everyone, with majority rule. If your favorite candidate has too few votes to win, your vote will be transferred to your next favorite, if possible. If your favorite candidate has more than enough votes, some ballots may be partially transferred so that all winners represent equal numbers of voters.